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What's been on your mind lately?

Jumping back into my old stomping grounds. Nice to see some of you are still around and, looking ahead, sadness that others are still here. My mindset has expanded to include more than contemplations of atheism (always has... I've just grown more bored of sticking strictly to the theme). Anyone else have interest in musing over the concepts behind:
  • Metaphors
  • Quantum Physics (or anything quantum for that matter)
  • Music or any other "alternate language"
  • Mapping doublespeak
  • Parallels between stuff (how religion overlays on music/anatomy/etc)
  • Mirror theory
  • Psychotherapy
  • Universal being ( <-- Lowercase 'b']
  • Anal (for sentimental purposes, of course)

To pray is to verbalize that which some may have difficulty saying aloud in everyday life, in an effort to gain support or smarts from an outside source. I have no need for prayer. I am able to rationalize within my mind, and have no problem speaking it.
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