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Are Trolling Fuckwits Worth The Trouble?

It is a severely brainwashed sicko cult that would cause any White person to think that negroes are worth the trouble. The latest example is all of the rioting going on because White cops defend themselves against negro criminals. But I have some other facts for you that go far behond how pleasing you may think rap music is or how much you enjoy some negro sports hero. So pull the backs of your pants back up over your butt and listen.

Negroes are:
60% more likely to develop Diabetes than Whites.
3 times more likely to die from Asthma.
16 times more likely to die from Sarcodosis.
Twice as likely to die from smoking related lung cancer.
20 times more likely to die from Heart Failure before the age of 50.
At a higher risk of Kidney Failure than any other race.
About twice as likely to develop Alzheimers or other dementia.
8 times more likely to get HIV.
3 times more likely to carry Herpes.
15 times more likely to carry Chlamydia.
Largely responsible for creating drug resistant Tuberculosis.

On top of these things, there is the money spent to jail negroes, make up for what their crimes cost Whites, (though some crimes can't be measured in money) and fight the drug dealing negroes often do. Also, between 1965-2004, there were 806,316 murders in the U.S. 588,611 were committed by negroes. Of these, 179,808 were White men, women and children murdered by negroes.

In my highly considered opinion, some of these White people were worth more than the entire negro species. Also, in 2010, 14% of negro murderers murdered Whites. Onlt 8% of White murderers murdered negroes. For what it is worth, this happened in a country with 196 million Whites and 34 million negroes. Etc. So all in all, negroes aren't worth having around. Not even close. I don't know if I am allowed to state this opinion. But it is also my highly considered opinion that the only good negro is a dead one!

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