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T:___is a thing. |-(∃!{})⇒({}≡{})⇒({}={})⇒({}⇒{})⇒({}:{}⇒{})⇒(∃{} ⇒∃{} )⇒({}>>{})⇒({}∈{

T:___is a thing.
|-(∃!{})⇒({}≡{})⇒({}={})⇒({}⇒{})⇒({}:{}⇒{})⇒(∃{}⇒∃{} )⇒({}>>{})⇒({}∈{})⇒({}⊃{})
|-(∃!{}), assuming nothing, I,e, using no non-logical axioms, it follows that there is an assuming, or thinking. This particular thinking amounts to the existence of one empty set or the word ''nothing''.
⇒({}≡{}), therefore nothing is nothing;
⇒({}={}), therefore nothing equals nothing,
⇒({}⇒{}), therefore nothing implies nothing,
⇒({}:{}⇒{}) therefore nothing has the property of nothing,
⇒(∃{}⇒∃{}) therefore nothing exists as nothing,
⇒({}>>{}), therefore nothing is the cause of nothing,
⇒({}∈{}), therefore nothing is in nothing,
⇒({}⊃{}), therefore nothing is made of nothing,
??? therefore nothing is nonexistence,
??? therefore nowhere and at no time has nothing existed.
⇒(∑∀x=∃!U)Tx, therefore the sum of everything equals by generalization the existence of one universe
⇒(U<<>>∀x)Tx, therefore the universe is causal with everything
⇒(∀x∈U⊃∀x)Tx, therefore everything is in the universe and is made of the universe (the universe has substance)
⇒(∑E=Ek+Ep)∧(E=mc^2)∧(E=ħω/2)∧(P=∫∇Edv), therefore there is conservation of energy, it cannot be created nor destroyed, it is therefore eternal; and from mass-energy equivalence, it is immanently omnipresent, and from zero-point energy, it is transcendently omnipresent, and infinite; and from power-integral it solves the omnipotence paradoxes: For example, it cannot create a finite rock that it infinite cannot lift, and it cannot destroy itself, power is the transformation of energy not the destruction of energy
⇒(∀x∈E⊃∀x)Tx, therefore everything is in energy and made of energy
⇒(U≡E), therefore the universe is energy
⇒((∑∀x≡∃!E)∧(E<<>>∀x))Tx, therefore the sum of everything is one energy, and energy is causal with everything
⇒(E>>E)∧(∀P∈E⊃∀P), therefore energy is self-causal, self-deterministic, cybernetically teleological, where self determinism is consciousness, where energy is consciousness, and all power is in energy and made of energy, omnipotence
This predicts that intelligence is proportional to energy density, where a heavy metal chamber or a gold crown will increase our intelligence
By Gabriel from Yahowaho
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