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Michael wrote View Post
Who said anything about Darth Vader being god? If anything, Darth Vader is an equivalent of Satan - the favoured child (in this case, apprentice) who fell out of favour when he chose to rebel and was cast down (in this case into a literal pit of fire - lava).
No, the godhead in this case is Obi-wan.

Obi-wan did sacrifice himself, though. He died, so that he could guide luke. So that the force could live on through him.
And yet you don't thank Obi-wan. Do you hate Obi-wan, too? After all he's done for you?
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Hobotronic2037 wrote View Post are correct
- selliedjoup
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Prycejosh wrote View Post
your not being serious. believing it or not is whats called choosing. you can deny god all you want, but hes given you chances if you choose to ignore and not pay attention you will suffer. hell was made for people that dont take god seriously. why should someone like you go to heaven, you dont even like the idea of god let alone like him. glorious things happen but you need to earn it. yeh i was only 6 years old. i wanted to know more about god and prayed for it then things went well from there. the purpose of life is what got me curious. im trying to help you but your making a joke out of everything.
Is this guy now in his teens or is this an ESL case? If the answer is neither, he's too stupid to mock.

"If God inspired the Bible, why is it such a piece of shit?" (Kaziglu Bey)
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Prycejosh wrote
im trying to help you but your making a joke out of everything.
JJ needs help with that hamster stuck up his butt...

Use foolproof airtight logic on a mind that's closed and you're dead. - William J. Reilly, Opening Closed Minds
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