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Astronomy support God.

The Star of Bethlehem is real, shown to be a miracle.

At the time of the birth of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ (~ 3 BCE), the solar system's brightest planet (Venus) situated perfectly alongside the solar systems largest planet (Jupiter) to make the brightest star ever seen in human history.

It was historically recorded to have guided the three wise-men to Jesus to present gifts.

This is a great example of where science meets faith.

Astronomy offers another clue - which suggests Intelligent design.

Our planet is situated at "just the right time" and at "just the right place" (in respect of other heavenly bodies) such that we can scientifically observe the beginnings of our Universe to the first trillionith, of a trillionith, of a trillionith of a second.

This "coincidence" didn't have to be that way.. It smells of purposeful design in favor to stimulate mankind's thirst for knowledge and discovery.

Of course, I'm not even counting the unbelievable fine tuning of the cosmological constants, "just so" (to the odds of 1 X 10 134th power against) to allow for planets to form, and sustained sentient consciousness to develop.

Of course a Multiverse (an infinite number perhaps) could explain all of the above by the anthropic principle, but in an infinite Universe the probability of a Ggod arising therein becomes a virtually certainty.

You can sluff this stuff off... but these are all ample reasons to give the Theist hopes in a divine Being.
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Andrew66 wrote View Post
It smells of purposeful design ......
Wrong - smells to me like ......

Stop the Holy See men!
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