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Andy, Do you realise that you are making the fundamental mistake we see all the time from run of the mill theist theorists? That is, you are beginning with a premise and working your way backwards. Science and rational people work in the opposite direction. This is why we scoff at everything you put forward. Basically it's laughable and ill-informed bullshit.
Your full of shit.

The scientific method starts with a hypothesis, or model. Then the work begins to try to prove the hypothesis or model. If you look at what I'm doing I'm just presenting a model (ie. evolution for god or God model) and arguing its theoretical merits, nothing unscientific about that.

I believe what your referring to is what theist history scholars may be guilty of from time to time, starting with a premise (e.g. Jesus is god etc.) and then taking historical evidence and rationalizing it (sometimes incorrectly or unfairly) in a way which suits there arguments.

You are totally misapplying this to what i'm doing.

My God, must I explain everything to these intellectually inferior heathens???
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