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I Live Here
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Monkeys Use "Sentences," Study Suggests

"Science and Mother Nature are in a marriage where Science is always surprised to come home and find Mother Nature blowing the neighbor." - Justin's Dad
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Yes, and I would hazard a guess that their hygiene, breeding customs, diets and posture are also way better than most theists who come here. Monkeys also add to society because they make me laugh. Hehe...silly monkeys. Theists make me laugh too, but it's a different kind of funny, really.

Think of it as Skull Island for theistic beliefs...Even if you survive the Choobusaurus there is still that ravine full of giant atheistropods waiting to make a meal of you.
"I won't think in your church if you promise not to pray in my school"
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a different tim
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I dunno. Grammar and sentence structure aren't everything. I infinitely prefer, say, Salty, who, whatever his spelling and grammatical errors, tries to argue his case (even if he isn't very good at it) to, say, the grammatically impeccable hypocritical smug whiner that is Francis.

Can you detect a theme here?

"You care for nothing but shooting, dogs and rat-catching, and will be a disgrace to yourself and all your family"
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The Judge
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"Putty-nosed monkeys put two different alarm calls together to create urgent warnings, according to observations recently made of the West African primates."

So Putty nose monkeys can string two calls together - why then can't theists string two coherent sentences together?

Who is cleverer?.....mmmmmmmm

Invisibility and nothingness look an awful lot alike.
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Alcoholic Primate
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We are indeed smarter than most theists- except for those few of our kind that are theists themselves. They just sit in prayer while we throw our feces at them. :)

"Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence." -Richard Dawkins
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