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You evolutionists are full of shit.

I will grieve. Grief is not a theistic concept. ~ Sternwallow
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No shit! If birds evolved from dinosaurs, why are there still dinosaurs? Look! A banana fits perfectly into the ass of an ape, this PROVES that modern yellow bananas were specifically hybridized from gross green bananas specifically for the purpose of pissing off apes! You can't ignore the evidence!

We must return the planet to the idylic paradise it was before Darwin! When Bovidons and Saber Tooth Tigers existed peacefully side by side!

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Credit where credit is due, the creature "Bovidon" is from a book, "Science made stupid"

Amazingly, it is on the internet:

There's chapter, 4... scroll down a bit for a picture of a Bovidon.
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The Onion is good at satire. So good, in fact, that apparently a Chinese newspaper once picked up an Onion story as if it were real. It was about how Congress, a la pro sports teams, was threatening Washington DC that it was going to move to another city unless DC built a new Capitol building, replete with a retractable dome.
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