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Lily wrote
Eva wrote
anthonyjfuchs wrote
I'm working on that for ya. But Lily is avoiding me because she fears that if she engages me in a verbal altercation, I'll draw blood. Apparently, I really do wield a barbed-tongue.
but of course she is afraid, and rightly so....but it's all fun and games for us! and increased traffic! that's why we can all say: LILY, WE LUV YA!

and tony, really, you are harmless....

AHA! Finally you admit it. I am the only reason this forum has any life left in it.

I just love the way Mad Tony, who has been dancing around on his hind legs like a little dog, begging for my attention, is now strutting through the forum like a dunghill cock bragging that I am afraid of him, because I was fool enough to give in for a half a second. Please tell him that the blood I feared would be drawn was his, not mine. I don't want to have to prove it...
Watch out for fightin' Lily! Give her an inch and she'll think she's a ruler!

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
"Atheism: rejecting all absurdity." S.H.
"Reality, the God alternative"
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