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I recently joined several forums and am tired of introducing. I'll keep it brief. Will come back to expand it later.
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Hello forum,

I am an atheist. If Richard Dawkins scale is valid, I'd score between 6-7. I am from Sydney, Australia. I am an aspiring architect whilst finishing a professional accreditation degree at a university. At heart, I am an artist and a budding novelist. Creative works may be found on my personal website - and I'll provide the URL upon request. However, I'd like to consider myself an intellectual synthesist - I love reading and discussing in areas including physics, philosophy, technology, artificial intelligence, history, humanities, archaeology, architectural design and arts. Politically, I'm a Greenie but at heart I am a libertarian/anarchist - though I fluctuate between democracy and libertarianism/anarchism.

In a closer view of my life, ups and downs, I have a severe hearing loss since birth. I suffered from the onset of psychosis at 16 and was diagnosed a year later. I am on medication but still suffer from side effects including drowsiness and sleepiness. Coincidentally with the onset of psychosis, I had developed a reductionist worldview, much influenced by reading a lot of physics and philosophy - this might have affected my creativity but I'm keeping up well with creative endeavours. Somewhat I've become nihilistic and suffered from existentialistic crisis. Atheistically speaking, I was always an atheist regardless of attending religious festivals - I couldn't be bothered about god and was never active in prayers or religiosity. I started identifying with atheism strongly since I looked up the word at 16. Since the onset of puberty, I've developed same-sex urges and wet dreams, thereby clearly identifying as gay. I was closeted until in the mid 20s. Marriage equality isn't legalised in Australia, and I'm having a hard time trying to be happy.

I hope to enjoy the forum.
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Welcome to the forum!

Adventurer wrote View Post
and I'm having a hard time trying to be happy.
Perhaps this might help?

Use foolproof airtight logic on a mind that's closed and you're dead. - William J. Reilly, Opening Closed Minds
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G'day mate! welcome.

I suffered a bit of a psychosis and existential crisis in my late teens, almost all down to drugs and similar excesses. It's amazing how things straighten out with time, experience and a bit of wisdom under the belt.

Once you are dead, you are nothing. Graffito, Pompeii
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Sorry I can't help with any of your stuff - can't stay sober long enough to think straight.
On a good day, I'm a 6.999 on the Dawkins scale.

Stop the Holy See men!
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Hello forum,

I hope to enjoy the forum.
That's enough!. People trying to sleep here.

thank goodness he's on our side
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