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Simon Moon
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My reintroduction

So, I used to post here up to about a year ago using the name "simoon". But I guess that account did not successfully make the move to the new server, intact.

I am able to login with that account, but do not have permissions to post anywhere.

So here I am again.

I see the same flawed arguments are being made by the same theists. I am also happy to see that my "transcendental cosmic penguin" is still being used.

Happy to be back!
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Kinich Ahau
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Hi Simonmoon, welcome back!

Once you are dead, you are nothing. Graffito, Pompeii
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hertz vanrental
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Greetings and felicitations.

Do I sound like a fuckin' people person?
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Stinkin' Mod
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Salaam Alekum!

Stop the Holy See men!
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Welcome back

"Ignorance is not bliss; it is terrifying like walking blindfolded down a dark hallway full of set bear traps." ~ Sternwallow

Death will be like 1964 all over again.
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Onya SM!

'Orta Recens Quam Pura Nites'.
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