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Dem Bones

Dinosaurs, my ass! God obviously stopped for lunch, and left some chicken

bones. Obviously a big eater....http://www.bbc.com/news/science-environment-27441156

Use foolproof airtight logic on a mind that's closed and you're dead. - William J. Reilly, Opening Closed Minds
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Kinich Ahau
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Look, there are a couple of chicken nuggets on the right.

Once you are dead, you are nothing. Graffito, Pompeii
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How ironic that chickens are the evolved relatives of said dinosaurs. baboom chish!

A theist is just an atheist with a space in it.
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Cool stuff!!! I wonder if we now have smaller creatures due to a less productive earth, in terms of total biomass?

"If God inspired the Bible, why is it such a piece of shit?" (Kaziglu Bey)
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