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There's been some hand-wringing wankery in liberal circles lately about religion. 'O why can't the left be more 'spiritual'? Yecch.

This particular steaming turd in The Nation penned by a Judeo-Psychotic was so galling I wrote a letter, telling Rabbi Lerner that he forgot to mention the main reason why rational people are 'hostile' to religion in politics: because we think it's a fucking crock of shit.

Later, I was pleased to notice that PZ Myers made a similar retort in his blog when he wrote
Here's a simpler explanation: many of us find his ancient tribal superstitions foolish, contradictory, irrelevant, and, well, stupid. We aren't rejecting them because we have leapt onto some other bandwagon for the credulous, but because we don't find him, or Jerry Falwell, or JZ Knight, or LDS President Thomas Monson, or Elizabeth Clare Prophet, or any of the endless chain of religious charlatans who have claimed divine insight, to be at all credible.
Pharyngula's post here.

(Maybe my letters-to-the-editor would stand a better chance of being published if I didn't use phrases like "that circumsizing douche-bag.")

La propriété, c'est le vol ...
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