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answer "does x exist" using only "and"s and "or"s

Because these functions are more basic than yes/no or maybe. "Does x and/or -x exist?".... the premise being you maybe can't consider god without the devil and you certainly can't tell which one is at play either, it is a case of forming a decidable question. Of course, guesses are all good, i guess.
Small children soon learn how important the "if" function is, but can live up to about five years old without it, firmly in the cradle of now. A whole lot of programming can be done with "if", "and" and "or", though "yes/no" can also be a workhorse in logic. The point is that no one ought to be forced into a yes/no proposition like the Spanish Inquisition, or catholic confession. Whenever the god question irks me, I try to remember the notion of Santa Claus... that doesn't bug me near as much but it is pure delusion imo.
Different/Same is more basic than yes/no. It's the "not and/or"NANDOR" chip that is used most in computer design, not the yes/no chip.
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