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Here is one of the pictures on the site that is from their zoology book on the animals god created on the 5th day.
ROFL, god's perfect creation, beached and dying. It sure is sad that god didn't just integrate some depth measuring function when he made the whales. What a bitch sadistic god that likes watching whales die like that.
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Rat Bastard
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Sternwallow wrote
RenaissanceMan wrote
How does one 'explore creation with astronomy'? 'Creation' and 'Astronomy' have about as much in common as ducks and bicycles.

So... is it me or is 'Homeschooling' a thinly veiled ploy to even further brainwash Jeebus into children?
It is also a ploy to deprive children of much-needed socialization skills and human experience.

I wouldn't mind homeschooling quite as much if the parent doing it had to be fully certified in all of the subjects being taught in the full syllabus applicable to that child/year. It would still lack socialization, though.
That is a problem. The way around it is to form a co-op of parents that possess the requisite skills. This provides both the knowledge base and a larger group for the kids to socialize with. While small size is still a limiting factor, the academic education garnered is usually a lot better. Now, if the kids are taught to reason, as well as spew back the facts, it's a win-win situation.
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Victus wrote
Most of the homeschooled children I've met have been fairly smart. The flaw in the system is that not every parents would make a good teacher.
I have had quite the opposite experience with homeschooled children. I have noticed that (as a generalization) they have a hard time deviating from anything their parents taught them (even when it is fundamentally wrong). Furthermore, I have yet to meet a homeschooled person with adequate social skills. I attended classes at a regional campus of a state university for a while and had a great deal of contact with adults who were homeschooled as children. Most of them were in their early twenties and still lived at home. They had never dated and had no friends. One young girl was basically sold to one of her dad's buddies as a bride and she seemed very depressed about the pending marriage (she was 19 and the man was in his early 50's). But she would not deviate from her parent's plan for her. How sad. These young people had no fire, no curiosity and no desires of their own.:(
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