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From what I've read, entropy in a system has limits, does it not?

Building upon this...
It will not increase infinitely as equilibrium is approached,... yes?

Are those limits not in some way defined by the amount of energy in the system and its distribution within the system?

Once equilibrium is achieved in the system, does the entropic action,...essentially,... "stop".
(Assuming that this 'limit' does not function like an asymptote)

Also, could anyone suggest some study material on T.D.?


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there's onlyone thing you need to know about entropy:S = kln(P)

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Thanks choobus.
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Choobus wrote
there's onlyone thing you need to know about entropy:S = kln(P)
Man, I love physics, and just for this reason. Study your ass off for years, and get one new equation. I sure am a masochist! But that one equation fits in all kinds of unexpected places later, and then the beauty shines through. Kind of like a garden. Digging, planting, weeding, etc, and then the most beautiful flower you can imagine emerges, the beauty of understanding. It takes many years to develop the skills to do that, and to appreciate it.
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This equation describes the temporal and spatial variation of the probability distribution for the position and momentum of a density distribution of a cloud of points in single-particle phase space.

And that refutes evolution how?

We need to "dumb-down" the above statement from wiki and use it for arguing with our theist friends. Because, afterall, that is all entropy really is - a measurement of disorder in a system.

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