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a different tim
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Philboid Studge wrote
ADT wrote
Absolute zero is used in the sciences as a measure of temperature - 0 degrees Kelvin. (basically, heat is molecular motion and absolute zero is when it stops.)
Just checking: Ab zero is not possible, right?
Don't think so, because of quantum. Choobus?

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yes, exactly.

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Sorry, I didn't get back yesterday. Anyway, to clear things up, I freely admit that I am a retard. Besides which, I do know that AZ is only a temp, not really a spatial term. I just use this term because I always could abreviate AZ when it was appropriate, so it just stuck. But what I mean to say is that I believe reaching absolute zero (which, just so you all know, I know is impossible) would theoretically destroy matter. If you could get the particles to stop moving. I know getting the particles to stop is impossible, but I meant this as a theoretical anyway. Perhaps it was a bad theoretical.

Actually, never mind, there is no perhaps about it. It was bad. Here was my reasoning behind it. Because there is antimatter in existance as well, it would make sense that in order to get something from nothing, -1+1=0. So, AZ would be nothing. There would be no kinetic energy where nothing is, no potential energy where nothing is, and no mass where nothing is. I figured that the quantum principles don't really apply, but I also freely admit that I know nothing about them.
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