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PanAtheist wrote
Tenspace wrote
Okay, everyone, back to the refutations!

14.) That it is a 'Random' process.
It is a nonrandom process involving random and nonrandom input.
A Random Process is an antisensical oxymoronical nothing.
pro indicates that there is a direction involved.
And a direction makes it nonrandom.
Is a process (simple machine) that takes in a random mix of minerals and filters them to produce only onyx an oxymoronical nothing? Does it have intentions? Do you claim that the input is not random for some reason?

There are two processes activities in evolution, genetic variation caused by mutation and probabilistic winnowing by the environment of those less able to reproduce through the simple fact of their low reproduction. There is abundant randomness and a powerful organizing effect to produce slightly modified populations.
If the environment changes too much or too fast for the possible variation in the population, they all die. It does not take many generations, under environment pressure for a population to change well beyond the original limits of its variablilty.

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
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