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I figure this thread is as good a thread to post this nonsense on:

The biggest fairy tale of all

Apparently So column
The Palestine Herald

Many people say God creating the earth is only a fairy tale. The evidence, they say, points to evolution. Oh really? So, there are thousands of transitional fossils demonstrating the link between early life and life today? Would you believe there are none? Not one.

And you can break down cells into parts that could have joined together, right? No, cells are irreducibly complex, which means you cannot take anything away and it still work. Yet each cell is more complex than any factory on earth.

Let's do a reality check about what Darwinian (macro) Evolution really teaches. It holds that I am not only kin to the gorillas (which is not that big a stretch), I'm also cousins with the rose bushes growing beside my house.

Darwinian Evolution is the theory that all life began millions of years ago from a single organism. Scientists call our great grand-pappy a prokaryote, which was a bacterium. A “simple” living creature because it had no eyes or nose, or most of the systems we have, but not so simple because it was alive. How the elements made the jump to life is a total mystery that has never been solved by science. And yes, this means some bacteria evolved and some stayed basically the same for a billion years.

But Evolution's logic gets even worse: For it to be true, plants had to evolve such that animals could eat them. The plants and animals need each other to survive and had to accidentally, independently, evolve to the benefit of each other. In other words, grass had to evolve at the same time a cow's four stomachs evolved into a system that could digest it. But the Darwinian Theory teaches that the prokaryotes evolved into both the grass and the cow. Boy, did the grass get the short end of that stick!

All living things live in a symbiotic relationship with everything else. When we think of the sheer amount and diversity of living things on the planet, it is staggering to imagine they all evolved from one ancestor. Darwinian Evolution says every bird, fish, insect, tree, plant, reptile, flower, and mammal evolved independently of each other — but dependent on each other — by accident. This theory is so flawed, it astounds me that I am the one who is called ignorant for believing we were intelligently created. I am the one who believes in fairy tales, even though the evidence is on my side. Especially if you believe the days of creation represent eons of time.

Let's look at how things change, according to the Darwinian Theory. A creature (which, by the way, means it was created) is born with a mutation. It's just a little different than its parents. But, it turns out the mutation is advantageous, so it does better than its parents and passes the mutation along to its offspring. And that repeats itself for a couple million years and you have a school teacher! Or a pine tree. Or a honey bee. Have you ever observed a situation where a genetic mutation was a good thing?

And when we go way back into the fossil record, we still see complex, functioning beings, with eyesight, hearing, etc. These animals possessed the same DNA code that makes us who we are today. Have you ever heard of a computer code that wrote itself? If you believe in macro evolution, that's exactly what you believe.

And I didn't even mention that human beings can read columns like this. You are self-aware and no other plant or animal is. Only humans can tell fairy tales. To me, Darwinian Evolution is the biggest of all.


The Rev. Craig Harris is pastor at Montalba Christian Church and is employed as the Parent Involvement Coordinator for Palestine Independent School District. Contact Harris at
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So, BEAJ, do you expect some sort of rebuttal to the ignorant rant?

"Those who most loudly proclaim their honesty are least likely to possess it."
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Sternwallow wrote View Post
So, BEAJ, do you expect some sort of rebuttal to the ignorant rant?
Probably not. Though he has left his blog open for comments. I'm sure that after I posted the link here and at Pharyngula, it will be closed soon enough.
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OK RAers, there is an asshat apologist (Kevin H) who is fair game on the comment section here:

C'mon and lend a hand to bury this dude.
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