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Can anybody arrange for this series to be shown continuously at Kunt Hovind's creation wankporium?

Stop the Holy See men!
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Thanks for the heads-up Smelly!
I bet this program will be amazing!

It's being presented by Iain Stewart, who is a fantastic and entertaining AND very interesting presenter.
I raved about his earlier program Journeys From the Centre of the Earth. That was so good because it showed how rocks, earth, and all has been fundamental in generating societies, technologies, and the real history of the peoples in the Mediterranean, giving a stream of real eye-opening, enlightening moments. It was packed with "wow" moments! This is exactly what makes science thrilling. The "wow" of discovery! :D e.g. - "Yay! That makes sense of *so* much!"

This new series looks BIG !
It's seems like its going to be "BBC's PLANET EARTH" x "Journeys from the Centre of the Earth" , and that = AWESOME MIND-BLOWING INNOVATIVE REVELATORY TELEVISION! :D

Roll on EARTH : THE BIOGRAPHY !! :bow:

Healthy genes act as team-players. They are teamish!
Their winning plays are
salvations of an aliveness of which they are a part.
Only a fraction of genes are selfish/parasitic (and they
parasitize teams).
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Yeah, but I hear that Georgia is makng everyone who gets the BBC put a sticker on their TV saying that this program is just a "theory" and should not be taken for truth. The sticker covers the whole TV and comes with a free copy of the bible and a set of rosaryanal beads.
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