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"Beasts of the Southern Wild"

No link to religion one way or the other, but I loved this movie and I'm kind of fussy about what I watch. Evenings I watch something off the computer and I checked out "Best Movies of 2012" to get a clue. Never had seen anything about it before. The 9-year-old star is the youngest person ever nominated for an Oscar.

This one just did something to me. It's about (mainly) black people in Louisiana before Hurricane Katrina and they lived so terribly I thought it began after the hurricane had hit. Seriously.

Just an excellent movie. Another is Earthlings about animal cruelty and damn, rough to watch but necessary. I didn't know how bad it would be but I'm glad I saw it. Documentary narrated by Joachin Phoenix with music by Moby.

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Good suggestions for movies, they sound worthwhile, and important (or as you said, "necessary"), but I doubt I could stomach watching them, I can only take so much reality.

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