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Posts: 1,457's a little watery.
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I Live Here
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Eva wrote View Post
it's crappy beer....but the ads rawk.
Yep! It's poop water for sure! Any decent micro brew is superior drinking.

The Leprechauns do not forbid the drawing of Their images, as long as we color within the lines. ~ Ghoulslime H Christ, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Masturbator
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Eternal wrote View Post
A fight between ex and egor, because ex would undoubtedly not like egor re-interpreting the holy book.
I know this was posted a while ago, and time and tide has passed, but this is fucking brilliant.
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Thanks for the re-post....HIlarious!

"If God inspired the Bible, why is it such a piece of shit?" (Kaziglu Bey)
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Thank God Iím an atheist
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Thank you.

"Belief means not wanting to know what is true"
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Egor wrote View Post
I know God speaks to me. The fact is, there is hell, we are left to speculate what that might be like. I derive my theory of hell simply from a separation of God and man, which most people would agree is one of the characteristics of hell.
How does one separate from the OMNIPRESENT? Just wondering.....
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