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thomastwo wrote View Post
No, the facts are equally available to all of us. The stories that go above and beyond the facts are not part of your heritage at all. We don't have a *better* story, we have a story.

Of course, you are very comfortable in your Gradgrindian philosophy and there's nothing wrong with that.
Stories that go "above and beyond" the facts? What does that mean in context? How can you go "above and beyond" what is knowable?

thomastwo wrote
I was wrong. You do have a story after all. This idea that "we" atheists ( hang on I thought you weren't a community? ) are the only educators and proponents of evolution is laughable. Perhaps you can just about get that view to hold in the US, but even then it's tenuous at best.

As you note, us religious types will always go above and beyond the facts and look for the link to the meaning and purpose of life. We find it enriches our existence.
Thomastwo, "we" atheist here, obviously, make up something of a community on this forum, which you appear to resent greatly as evidenced by your very presence here.

However, there is no mass organized effort to recruit and indoctrinate atheists in the outside world.

Again, I have to ask what you mean by going "above and beyond the facts?" On it's face, it makes no sense. You don't know what you can't know. However, you can believe anything you like.

I, personally, find it strange for one to be a proponent of evolutionary biology while simultaneously holding a belief in the existence of an anthropomorphic god, but I readily acknowledge that there are many who do, even if those divergent points of view appear incompatible to me.

By the way, you're not contradicting Sternwallow here by pointing out how enriched you are by summoning a cosmic purpose for your existence out of thin air. As he said, you do it because it brings you comfort, not because you actually know that the cosmos is conscious of your existence.

"So many gods, so many creeds! So many paths that wind and wind, when just the art of being kind is all this sad world needs."
--Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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