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thomastwo wrote View Post
He says that he has come to fulfil it. He doesn't say that he is coming back to fulfil it. The natural reading of "it is finished" is that he has done what he came to do. One of those things is to fulfil the law.
WTF is a natural reading? Actually, your reading of that scripture is a supernatural reading.

The natural reading, if that's what you want to call it, of "it is finished" means "my suffering on the cross is finished 'cause I'm damn near dead." Like one would find in a Shakespearean tragedy. Or maybe "I'm just being dramatic."

Yet, obviously it's not finished at this point, right? Christ hasn't accomplished everything yet, right? Don't christians believe in a little thing called the resurrection as a requirement for all this new covenant mumbo-jumbo-presto-chango? I thought they did.

Hence, whatever "it is finished' means, it is not a proclamation of the end of Jewish law. Because the Jewish law isn't over until "everything is accomplished." And everything ain't accomplished yet.

And it's not even over with the resurrection. There is a lot that the king of the jews has yet to accomplish in the rest of the bible, no? Still lots of seals to open, horns to blow and baddies to slaughter.

And it ain't over 'til its over.

Oh, fuck. I overwound the toybot.
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