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"I do not intend to tiptoe through life only to arrive safely at death."
Some drink at the fountain of knowledge. Others just gargle.
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Smellyoldgit wrote View Post
It's cruel - totally wrong to mock such serious afflictions.
..... can't stop pissing myself!

Professor Plum - In the Dinning Room - with the Lead Pipe...
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Smellyoldgit wrote View Post
It's cruel - totally wrong to mock such serious afflictions.
..... can't stop pissing myself!
Prostate problems eh? You ought to have that prostate massaged by a resurrected Lord Penis Christ...it'll give you health and never have prostate problems again. You can also do Kegel exercises.
Don't forget it was YOU who post Karaoke Tourette indirectly mocking the disease not me. I'll be more than happy to give you the biography of Gilles de la Tourette and how he discovered the disease. It is also associated with coprolalia...Hmmm...don't you curse a lot using very dirty words like DivaTard? I suspect minor Tourettes affects both of you tards

About Tourettes Karaoke I simply responded in kind...idiotic jokes can be responded in kind by intellectuals that know how to handle ignorant types. Make a note of it...

Why don't you post about ChristPSychosis Karaoke? I can create a musical composition that would go along with the devastating neurological anomaly ignored by the dumb. Should we dance SmellyTard?

Don't forget since 1885 a lot has been discovered about this disorder which I found connected to Christianity's bizarre metamagical beliefs ( CP ) in some cases..

Christians and other folks infected with delusional beliefs think and reason like schizophrenics or temporal lobe epileptics. Their morality is dictated by an invisible friend called Jesus.
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Smellyoldgit wrote View Post
It's cruel - totally wrong to mock such serious afflictions.
..... can't stop pissing myself!
ah but the thing is- he does it himself- he does is deliberately and as a way of communicating about his condition

'I am offended by that.' Well, so fucking what." Fry
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This is very....fucking fuck fuck!......funny....fuck..cunt!......Poor fucking bastard. Good on him.

Once you are dead, you are nothing. Graffito, Pompeii
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David Bazan - Harmless Sparks

They might have burned
But the priests were out taking turns
Showing nuns what they had discerned about their bodies,
In the dark
They carried on,
from the evening until the dawn
Like they should have been all along
Making harmless sparks
Instead of breaking little boys hearts

God knows, if you noticed the millions of small holes
And ponder the weight of an apple
Compared to the trouble we're in
Then some grown men might,
be tempted to question their birthright
In front of their kids and devout wives
Causing the doubt to begin, to
Spread like original sin

Wait just a minute-You expect me to believe-That all this misbehaving-Grew from one enchanted tree? And helpless to fight it-We should all be satisfied-With this magical explanation-For why the living die-And why it's hard to be a decent human being - David Bazan
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