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Argument to satisfy atheistic and theistic sensibilities

Hello Atheist and Theist alike!!.

Eureka!, I think I've found an argument which should be acceptable to any Atheist or Theist alike.

1) God is defined in all three monotheistic religions as an eternal (uncreated) personal being who purposively created our material world. Further, it is taught that at a minimum belief in the existance of such a God is a requirement to achieve a desirable afterlife.

2) While there is no rationale or compelling evidence which asserts God's existence, there are yet many unsolved questions in the physical world where the existence of such a God may provide a possible answer (eg. explanation of origin of life begetting universe/multiverse as first cause). In other words the premiss of God existence holds explanatory power.

3) Therefore, as existence in a God cannot be ruled out, and God's existence hold explanatory power, one can - if one desires - HOPE that a God exists.

4) HOPE in the existence of something is the weakest form of belief. For example, I do not "hope" that A Santa Claus exists, but one can HOPE that a God exists.

5) One can be an Atheist - but still HOPE that a God exists. For example, An atheist can say - "As there is no evidence for God I don't believe that God exists - but I hope I'm wrong".

6) A world view compatible with posit (5) - given that in the unlikely event a God does exist - can according to religious teachings provide the atheist a desirable afterlife.
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