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How the universe works

I wondered what puts order to everything. Then I thought of the very nature of non existence. The universe must have came from nothing at first. Being in the state of nothingness is a feeling. It feels bad after a while. Then it dawned on me that feelings manifest reality. Being non existent created a feeling after a while and the strongest feeling manifested reality. With time the nothingness condensed and gained feelings. So with time new realities were created from nothingness. Theres realities was hell and all kinds of experiences. These experiences made us have feelings. From hell the feeling of pain made the force of love. A stronger force.

So when you feel pain, that creates the force of love because you want it to end. Love is stronger than pain and fear. So fear creates love. That is why you can only experience hell in the mind. This is a thought based universe. The strongest thought wins out. Love being the strongest feeling. So fear creates love.

So if you fear it, the universe will manifest the universe for you in a loving way. Theres an infinite number of things we fear. Our higher selfs fear stuff and that's why we live these awesome human lives. Our fears creates love that makes life so perfect. This is how God exists, God is created from the infinite number of fears we have. Basically the universe is infinite because fear creates love.

God is real. She is infinite. Because we have a infinite number of fears and fear creates love. Love manifests reality. It's the answer to life and evidence of God.
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