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Sweet Spot between Atheism and Theism

Hi everyone,

I think I've found a perfect compromise position which can suit and benefit both Theists and Atheists regarding whether God exists!

Statement of belief:

I HOPE that a God Exists!!

One can additionally hope that the God - while leaving humanity for the most part to its own devices, will at least supply a rewarding afterlife - which all "Hopers" and believers (as long as they try to do good, and repent of their sins) can benefit from.


From Atheistic and Agnostic positions - there is nothing irrational or harmful in declaring a mere "hope" that a God (and rewarding afterlife) exists. An Atheist / Agnostic can justifiably say, "I am not convinced that such a God and afterlife exists, but it would be cool and I hope it may be true".

Also, the "hope" (regardless of truth) provides an incentive to do good and be good, so society will benefit.

From Theistic / Dogmatic Religious positions - Hoping something is true is, arguably, a very very very bare minimal level of belief that that thing may be true.

Eg. No-one truly "hopes" for existence of an invisible unicorn, or flying spaghetti monster - as there is truly no hope for these alleged entities - such a belief is absurd, there is a strong belief they do not exist. But if one can "Hope" in a God, then there must be some basis in the hope, which at least is a firm belief that there is a possibility.

So I submit that "hope" in existence of God should be acceptable to the major religions which demand "belief" for receipt of salvation. In fact, many churches intertwine the meaning of faith and hope.

Impact: This realization could be very valuable to the Atheist or Agnostic, who wishes to play and benefit from Pascal's wager.

If an Atheist is surprised after their death that they have a spirt and are facing Jesus as judge in the thrown room - when asked "did you believe" - say "I hoped so!"

A word of caution to the dogmatically religious.

I submitted this concept of "hope" a couple years ago to Reasonable Faith - William Craig's Christian website, and they informed me that "hope" wasn't good enough - one has to solidly believe, or have faith that the Christian God exists to be granted salvation (or else Hell).

To this, I say fuck you to William Craig - I assure you, as God's witness, that Hope is OK!!!

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