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oh psycho i did a lot of work with the parents who were either in or just got out of prison. i did work for a few months in a secure unit for those who did commit manslaughter, rape, gbh etc.i also worked longside many psychologists, social workers that had worked alongside your pedoes, rapists etc. my friend an ex prison guard worked in wormwood for a number of years and himself in milton keynes with me in a secure unit and we share greatly in the fact that you need to just let go and either comatose or exterminate those who are capable of actually taking lives in cold blood.
where there are areas for controverst are things like wives killing cheating or abusive partners, or revenge killing etc are they actually as dangerous as say huntley slaughtering those innocent schoolgirls? im sure an actual scale of severity would be very very difficult tp create. not impossible though.
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What I was thinking, Isilme, was of a thrice-convicted pedophile. His first two stints in prison have been just awful--pedophiles get raped a lot in prisons, beaten, treated like dirt by prisoners and guards alike. So let's say this last sentence will take him to the end of his natural life...and he really does feel awful about being a pedophile anyway. Why not let him opt out of continued misery? I see that as a rational preference over another 20 years of getting raped on concrete prison floors and spat on by guards.

that sounds like he is in some emotional distress to me. if they guy wasn't a paedophile, it certainly wouldn't be acceptable. why is it ok if he is a paedophile?
I really like your comment "Criminals don't get to choose their punishment" because it's provocative and interesting to me (Actually in a couple states here in the US, they have an option of either method A of execution or Method B, prisoner's choice.
(http://www.soci.niu.edu/~critcrim/dp/states.using.txt) The famous dead guy Gary Gillmore--Norman Mailer wrote a book about the case--opted to get shot by a firing squad in Utah, which personally does not appeal to me at all.
i find that morbid.

Also, in some states, convicted pedophiles can opt into "chemical castration," the application of large doses of hormones that kill their sexual desire. I forget what opting for that does--shortens their jailtime? http://archive.salon.com/health/feat...ion/index.html)
i look at it this way; most people, like you and me don't feel an attraction to little children. but for some reason, some people do. obviously it is wrong to act on these desires, and they know it, but i think we should try and have a little more understanding for something that is essentially a psychological problem that is not their fault. of course it is wrong for them to act on them, but i think these people require a little more sympathy than saying 'lets castrate them' or 'lets help them kill themselves'.
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why do they.?... how do you treat them?.... etc etc how much do you pour into helping those with a highly unsociable urge? i wouldnt kill pedophiles its those who take a life through cold hearted murder.
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One man's strawman is another man's asshole.
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yup thats from south park.... well done little man.
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