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Apocalypse Now - COVID-19 – The Wuhan Spawn

Well, hello there, fellow ravers of atheism!

It’s been a long time since I dusted off my RA shit-stirring stick, and scribbled a few lines on the digital paper.

With the world burning down around us, as the CCP’s virulent virus continues to stack the corpses high, and send the frightened masses battling each other for toilet paper on the front lines, I thought this might be a good time to weigh in on the state of our pathetic existential reality, before the zombie hoards start closing in around us.

(I’m not going to exploit the present calamity to reiterate ad nauseum the observation that I have often articulated, that the present human population of the world is unsustainable, and the global economic systems are Ponzi schemes designed to enrich a few exploitive scoundrels before the cards come tumbling down, but I highlight this for context nevertheless.)

At a time like this, when the gaunt face of Death is peeking in our windows, looking for his next victim, if one’s senses have not been quickened by this unfortunate reckoning with reality, and one’s thoughts have not grown heavy with existential examination, then wait a while more, until the fog of delusional grandeur clears upon all but the dullest of minds.

One moment, the mobs of degenerate Idiocracy are dedicated vigorously to the vacuous pursuit of narcissistic solipsism, taking great pride in the empty currency of social media attention, measuring their self-worth by how many other imbeciles cheer on their shameless ignorance. While the beneficiaries of decadent culture and decaying education are engaged in fierce and pointless bickering with other tribes of ideological imbeciles about how many genders there are or where the transvestites should take a shit – absurd distractions from the ghosts of nihilism that haunt the shadowy recesses of their sleepy consciousnesses, the parameters of reality remain unchanged. As the specter of the grim reaper grows clearer, and the morbid reality of certain human demise becomes too clear, this is the moment of truth, when the delusional little hairless apes begin to realize their inherent frailty, and cling as they may to comforting delusions, the howls of the wolves grow louder at the door, and consideration is imperative.

And what is the point of this ponderous meditation, Ghoulslime, you despicable ravager of virtuous women, you bugger of innocent farm animals, you fucker of other peoples’ mothers?

Here is my question:

Has this ongoing pandemic, and the destruction it continues to wreak upon the world, changed your thought processes in any way? If you survive this personally, will you be a wiser person for it?

The Leprechauns do not forbid the drawing of Their images, as long as we color within the lines. ~ Ghoulslime H Christ, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Masturbator
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