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How Can We Get This Forum Get Going?

I am trying to promote the site, but people do not post. It seems that they do come and register but they don't make a "frigging" post. I said one day I was never going to live this forum, I love it. But I need some ideas.
Maybe the "Holy Spirit" will give me some. What do you think?
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Looks like this place has been around awhile, and used to be quite busy. I think that forums go through some kind of boom and bust? I'm a member of a few others, and they seem to be dwindling, post-wise.
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DyingStrong, You need to promote it to the believers. If they stay in their boxes then it's mission accomplished is the way I look at it. :-)

thank goodness he's on our side
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This forum is on it's last breath

The most active atheist forums are on Mewe and Discord. If you join I will make you a moderator
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Stop the Holy See men!
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