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Quantum entanglement

How spooky does it get?

A ..........← ●● →.......... B

1) Observer A, called Alice, will measure the spin of incoming particle. If it has spin, say, up then she knows that observer B, called Bob, will measure its counter-part particle’s spin to be down.This is like Alice tossing a coin, heads or tails, and say it comes down heads. Her counterpart Bob who may be light years away on the other side of the galaxy, who is also tossing a coin, and now his must come out in this case as tails!

2) Not only that, but Alice can choose whatever axis, an infinity of possibilities, along which the particle spin must quantize as spin up or spin down. Now Bob’s particle, on the other side of the galaxy, must also quantize along the same axis, with the opposite spin. But how does the particle know that?!?

3) Furthermore, a third observer C, called Claude, might be moving towards either Alice or Bob. Suppose that Claude is moving towards Alice, then according to him, she is measuring first, and she decides along which axis the particle spin will quantize. However if at the same time another observer D, called Donna, is moving towards Bob, then according to Donna, it is Bob who makes the first measurement and he decides along which axis the particle will quantize. How can this be??!?? Which is the cause and which is the effect? Accordingly Quantum physics makes no distinction between the two cases?!?
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