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Thank God Iím an atheist
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Smellyoldgit wrote View Post
Fuck that - I wouldn't waste my cash on rail fare, petrol or shoe leather to get near the retarded place and I wouldn't hand over even a shit-covered penny piece to be seen supporting what is obviously a bunch of brain-dead imbeciles.
I would make sure that it would cost them at least double what my entrance fee would be.

"Belief means not wanting to know what is true"
Friedrich Nietzsche
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Whisper wrote View Post
On another note entirely - it would be nice if, in all this tirade, you'd attempt to use some male-centered slurs, as well as the female. I mean, as soon as you have to explain that you really like women, honest, doesn't it just sort of occur to you that maybe, using something non-gendered and then not having to explain yourself would be better? Yes/no?
If I was called a "prick" or "cock" I wouldn't think of it a slur on males.
And I am exactly the same with "twat" and "cunt" - I don't think of them as a slur on females.
And I have never ever come across such usage in my daily life!
I find insistence that they are slurs as utterly bizzare!

But I know (oh Athea do we know!) that some women will take them as slurs to womenkind, so I took the trouble to spell it out that in this instance they really aren't being used in that way (a way that I have never experienced in my daily life ever), in the genuine expectation that freethinking atheists might have a wide enough minds to *get* that.

I still hold out hope!

You say it would be nice if I attempted to use some male-centred slurs! Well, er, no thanks. The only target here is the creationist nonsense, and creationists.

And you've also gotten it backwards. "Miraculously Attained Design ...." is for the large part founded on the words and their meanings, not the acronyms. Here is how it happened:

MAD ASS ITCH began as a coolly-conceived idea to rename "Intelligent Design" with a true name: "Magic Design" sprang to mind.

IDiot is a nice acronym-based appellation, and I thought it would be cool if the new and true name, also had a great and apt acronym. So I deliberated sought out a word beginning with "A", to get "MAD". I arrived at "Arrived at" because I am keenly aware how genuinely genuinely impossible a "god" is, because processes (event cascades) are required for the specific generation of specific technology, and "god" can never have sufficient process for bringing about these alledged miracles of creation. "Magically Arrived At Design" explicity states this. And (hey, serendipity!) it also fitted "Miraculously Attained", and "Miraculously Achieved".
Three for the price of one !!

I could have stopped there, but for the fact that "Intelligent Design" is also ridiculous because it is silent on how these "designs" are manufactured. Well the Bible says that God just says "let there be light", and there is light, so I thought it'd be fun to remind people what MAD IDiots are relying on. Speech-magic - a spoken spell! Hence ASS jumped into my head, and we get MAD ASS, Magically Arrived-at Design Actualized by Spoken Spells.

At this point the phrase "Mad ass bitch" sprung into my head unbidden! I laughed at this and had myself some fun fitting words to it, although I didn't want to use "bitch" because it's mostly applied to women (to my mind "bitch!" evokes a woman), and that would be inappropriate!

So I was just having some senseless fun when I came up with "By an Impossibly-Talented Character". And I was thrilled! Thrilled because Impossibly-Talented Character fantastically fits everything I want to say about "God".

Now I had a conundrum!

Impossibly-Talented Character was too good to lose, but I didn't want BITCH. And then serendipity strikes again, as I realize I can just drop the B (uncapitalize by), and get ITCH. So now I am very very happy!

So there we have it - MAD ASS ITCH : Miraculously Achieved Design, Actualized by Spoken Spells, by an Impossibly-Talented Character. I love it! I think it is a great coincidence of meaning and acronym. Miraculoulsy Achieved Design, Actualized by Spoken Spells, by an Impossibly-Talented Character contains the essence of what I was trying to say. It succeeds! And it contains the essence of what is ineptly, and disingenously named "Intelligent Design" (and "creationism").

And that could have been that. I could have posted that! ....
But this is the RAVING Atheists, and we go over the top and overboard, and have as much fun as we can.

And I thought what other rude words can we include?

"Cunt" was up for a fitting simply because it is considered the rudest word in the English language. And I was also very taken by the idea of MAD ASS SHIT to describe ID - so "shit" was in! The meanings I came up with didn't fit so well, but they were only optional additions for a bit of fun... They can just be left out! And I was happy about that, because I wanted to be considerate to the "cunt"-allergics out there!

Whisper, how can you take this seriously?

Tell me please, does CUNT ITCH really offend you as a woman? Really?
Tell me please, did me calling Sarah Palin a MAD ASS SHIT CUNT BITCH really offend you as a woman? Really?
Do you take umbrage at Smellyoldgit's frequent use of "Twatican" offend you as a woman, and my use here of "twattery" offend you as a woman? Really?

I don't buy it.

In any case, Whisper - I utterly reject your, well, slur.

Healthy genes act as team-players. They are teamish!
Their winning plays are
salvations of an aliveness of which they are a part.
Only a fraction of genes are selfish/parasitic (and they
parasitize teams).
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Professor Chaos
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I will grieve. Grief is not a theistic concept. ~ Sternwallow
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Professor Chaos wrote View Post
Yeah. That was pretty much my reaction.

Ignorance more frequently begets confidence than does knowledge: it is those who know little, and not those who know much, who so positively assert that this or that problem will never be solved by science.
Charles Darwin.
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Whisper wrote View Post
Is it me, or does this dinosaur have a beard?

See - I've contemplated getting myself down there to take a good long look around and then write a scathing review. But then I remember that to do that, I'd have to give them money - money that they'd use in promoting and furthering the damn place. So, agreed. Cons outweigh the Pros, here.
It looks like some nightmarish version of Barney.
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