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MySiddhi wrote View Post
Thank you for your honesty.

I have debated with atheists in detail.

To remain consistent in atheism you must hold the philosophy of materialism (that only the physical exists). And you must hold that consciousness is an epiphenomena of material structures (and not a fundamental property of reality as I have proven).

By "physical" we mean 3-space realism. But of course Quantum non-locality is an example of a nonphysical phenomena!

And so is psychic functioning.
Atheism is a non-position, you shallow fraud. An atheist is not logically compelled to subscribe to any position other than the lack of belief in a god or gods. Your tortured logic is beyond pathetic. I haven’t the time, energy or inclination to address each flaw in your anally-discharged dissertation. But for the amusement of my peers, allow me to point out a few holes in your pink Hello Kitty underpants.

Something that has always existed is eternal.

Wrong! Because something has always existed does not guarantee it will continue to persist without end or demise.

That which is eternal cannot be created nor destroyed.

It this a scientifically-testable postulation or is it just a philosophical puzzle? If you believe the turd on the end of your finger is a piece of Ghirardelli raspberry-filled chocolate, does it make it true?

Therefore it is invincible.

Is eternal synonymous with invincible? Could an object not exist eternally, conditional to being insulated from some destructive factor which exists in a different realm, perhaps a parallel universe? I seem to lack any data upon which I could draw any factual conclusions. Did you have knowledge of something I am missing in my assessment?

Because it is eternal it also has an unchanging nature and this while embodying the existence of all things

Can’t a dynamic object exist eternally? The basis of my argument for this will be as sound as your argument for the existence of a static object which is eternal.

it therefore is perfect.

Please define perfection. This seems a subjective term to me.

Hee hee! Light weight!

The Leprechauns do not forbid the drawing of Their images, as long as we color within the lines. ~ Ghoulslime H Christ, Prophet, Seer, Revelator, and Masturbator

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